Monday, December 1, 2014

Pope Francis will visit Sri Lanka and Philippines in January 2015

Pope Francis will visit Sri Lanka (12-15)  and the Philippines January 2015.

Francis does not travel much, and he did not travel extensively before he was named Pope. According to Vatican correspondents Lucio Brunelli and Gianni Valente, he considers that part of the pastoral work of priests involves staying close to their churches and not leaving them for long durations. (Wiki)

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  1. He is the first non Italian pope since the Middle Ages his real name was Jorge Ma.Bergoglio born in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1936 became Pope Francis of the Vatican/Holy See since 2013 nearly two years ago sinc Pope Benedict XVI for 9 years(2005-13) he will visit The Philippines in January 17 2015 for 5-6 days to see the Filipino people and prayer for peace and reconciliation throughout the world. Thanks! From:Wayne